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February 8, 2013
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You never liked the holidays. You couldn’t accept the fact that people were just happy to be together. In fact, the thought of happy people made you nauseous. You never had that experience, so you never liked it. You never tried anything you didn’t like anyways.

The DWMA seemed icy cold during the middle of December. All of the smiles and cries of joy- it was sickening. You walked down the halls to your classes with your warm coffee in your hand, and your (f/c) sweat jacket held it close.

“HEY!” A young voice tried to call you. Not this kid.

He pushed you down, your coffee spilling on the carpeted floor.

“Where’s my breakfast, dog?” the kid was now standing over you, his ego making a huge shadow.
“I didn’t bring you any. Deal with it.” This kid was starting to piss you off.

“Oh, yeah? Tsubaki! Ninja star!” Apparently, this kid wants to fight today. This is about to make a turn for the worse.

“I’m not fighting for no reason.” His weapon was actually on your side. And you thought everyone hated you.

“Fine. I can still take you on bare handed.” This blue-haired kid was starting to intimidate you.

“Fine.” Your reddish-(e/c) glowed as the hood of your sweat jacket fell. Your arm suddenly turned into a pike. “You can fight without weapon, I will fight with it.” Your sharp teeth glowed into an evil smile.

“Hold it, why is there a fight going on in my father’s school?” That really smart kid from your class was talking to you and Starface here.

Your arm went back to normal. “What? You wanna fight too?”

The kid sighed and rolled his eyes. “No, I’m here to keep the peace,” he sighed heavily again. “Blackstar, I don’t know how many times I have told you to not fight in the halls during school hours. Thank goodness I came in time,” He eyed you for a second. “And who might you be? So symmetrical…” he muttered under his breath.

“You’ve never seen me before, have you? Well, for your miniscule brain, I am ______ ______. I am a meisterless weapon. This Blackstar kid has bullied me all my life and my coffee is now spilled. I got no sleep last night because of the cuts on my ankles and my arms. You’ve got something to say to me, punk?” It was as if everything was let go.

“No, no I don’t,” he was obviously captured by your symmetry.

“Fine, then, get out of my sight before I decide to kill you.” You growled. You were really pissed at this point. Since you couldn’t live without your coffee, you were obligated to go back outside to the coffee shop. Or, you could chill at Chupa-Cabra’s and talk to the waiter, or Spirit, for that matter. You two surprisingly got along.

You dwelled on the thought of murdering the kid who made you spill your coffee. Damn black-star-spikey-headed-blue bastard.

You decided to go back out to the coffee shop, then to Chupa-Cabra’s to mix up your coffee. What a fine day indeed.

You walked back to the DWMA to find the doors unlocked, and waltzed right in as if nothing was wrong. As soon as you opened the doors to your classroom, you were greeted by a thousand glaring eyes and a few gasps.

“Welcome back, _________. How was your breakfast? You seem pretty content about being late to my class again,” Stein said sarcastically, his arms lazily wrapped around his rolly-chair. His grey eyes were piercing you, and it was starting to piss you off.

“Fuck off, Stein.” You said frustratedly as you walked up the steps to your seat.

“Aww, someone’s cranky.” The whole class broke out into laughter.

“Son of a bitch, shut the hell up.”

“Just sit down, and let me continue the lesson.”

“Bastard,” you shouted at him.

You took your regular place between Soul and Kid. Now you had more people on your case.

“That was so cool, you standing up to Stein and all.”

“So symmetrical…”


You tried to half-focus on the lesson while Stein teased you the whole way. This guy was your worst enemy, and had made your day worse. The class soon ended, and you were the last one out; after all, you were fast asleep. When you heard the bell ring again, you jolted up. Stein was gathering his papers.

“Welcome back to the real world, ______. It’s nice to see you again,” He said snidely.

You were groggy after your nap, so you tripped down the stairs, headbutting the floor.

Thank god you left your coffee back at your seat.

“Shit,” You mumbled.

“Need help?” This time Stein was right over you. “You look like quite a mess, heh.”

“Why do you care?”

“Oh, no reason,” he replied, a wide smile on his face. His face came closer to yours. “I want you to be my experiment.”

“An experiment for what? Stiches?”

“Oh no, my dear. Nothing harmful to your health. This experiment-” His face came even closer, and soon his lips were on yours. “-is an experiment in romance~”.
I had to upload, and the RE-upload because my computer sucks.

Soul eater doesn't belong to me blah blah blah.

The story does, blah blah blah,

you guys are awesome for favoriting, blah blah blah.
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